From: Gerard Nagle <>

The color of asdf is green. Almost the exact green of one of those new iMacs. Want proof? Enter this into a HTML document: <body bgcolor="#asdf">. Does this mean the age of the iMac coinsides with the age of asdf? Let's hope not, for the age of asdf will last a long time, and I don't think I could stand working on an iMac.

Also, you'll notice jkl; has no color, only the shade of black. This leads me to believe asdf DOES NOT like jkl;, like your site says it does. Although teenagers seem to think they look nice on a webpage (see Web Pages That Suck, the book). I am only a beginner in asdfology, and would appreciate a reply of some sort to my theories, of course they could all be way off. Have a nice day.

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